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This machine mirrors various open-source projects. 20 Gbit/s uplink.

If there are any issues or you want another project mirrored, please contact mirror-service -=AT=- netcologne DOT de !

CPAN Sites - www.cpan.org

CPAN Mirror Network

1 registered sites around the world make up the N part of CPAN (the Network), find the full list below.

The master CPAN site is hosted by NetActuate in Los Angeles, California.

If you wish to mirror (either privately or publicly) please see how to mirror CPAN.

Mirror status

http://mirrors.cpan.org/ keeps track of the status of the mirrors below.

Registered public CPAN sites

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You can send email to the CPAN administrators, cpan@perl.org.

Thank You

We would like to thank all of the mirrors who, throughout the years and every day, make the CPAN possible and such a valuable resource to the Perl community.